Czech Republic Day 3 – Petrin funicular, observation tower, Strahov Monastery, Old Town Prague, Muse concert

Czech Republic trip Day 3 – 22 Nov 2012 – Petrin hill and funicular railway, Petrin observation tower, Strahov Monastery, Old Town Prague, Muse concert at O2 Arena Praha, Zizkov TV Tower

View of Prague from Strahov Monastery

396 – View of Prague from Strahov Monastery

Tram 22 (again) takes you past the funicular and up to the castle area … wait, I said that already?

The funicular takes you up to Petrin Hill, and an observation tower modeled on the Eiffel Tower (or the other way around but don’t say that to anyone French), from which you get a wobbly view of Prague (the tower shakes in the wind). There’s also something called the Hunger Wall – a 14th century fortification, Stefanik’s Observatory which is open in the evenings, and other stuff like trees and grass and park benches.

The Strahov Monastery is a short walk away, with a vineyard, a nice view of Prague, some strange stuffed animals, a couple of library rooms (not as impressive as Pannonhalma Abbey in Hungary or Admont Abbey in Austria though), and some stern looking attendants with eyes like hawks looking for visitors taking photographs without the correct photograph-taking-entry-ticket. Many museums etc let you take photographs … if you buy an additional ticket. Clever.

Across the road from the Strahov Monastery are a couple of traditional Czech restaurants for tourists with a lunchtime special of black pudding soup in a large bread roll. I like black pudding so I tried it. Bleaaarrrggghhhh!

Then back towards Prague Old Town, Charles Bridge, more strolling around, and eventually find the O2 Arena to go and see Muse in concert (very easy to find on the Prague metro). Was it worth flying to another country to see? Oh yes! Stunning show!

Couple of videos I took at the Muse in Prague (Praha) concert here (quality deteriorated a bit from messing about with conversion and upload settings) … – Unsustainable, Muse in Prague 2012 (the opening song) – Follow Me, Muse in Prague – Stockholm Syndrome, Muse in Prague 2012 – Survival, Muse in Prague (last song)


194 – Statues of a disintegrating man.
198 – Checking the plumbing.
213 – Stefanik’s observatory on the Petrin hill.
218 – The Hunger Wall with built-in church.
231 – Silly man. But did he fall off?
232 – Observation tower.
242 – Observation tower.
261 – Strahov Monastery from observation tower.
275 – Prague Castle area, St Vitus Cathedral on left, down towards Vltava River, and on right across the river is the Jewish quarter and Old Town Prague. If you know where to look, you can see the Rudolfinum concert hall (on RH side of river at second bridge from RH side of photo). The Charles Bridge is the first bridge from RH side of photo, leads to Old Town Prague.
282 – Model of Charles Bridge haha (was experimenting with some trick photography again).
283 – Model of St Nicholas Church.
296 – Prague Castle and St Vitus church.
329 – View from Strahov Monastery.
392 – Strahov Monastery library (one of the two libraries there).
445 – Charles Bridge statue with glowing figures … well, polished by people constantly touching them. Why? No idea.
461 – Cannabis beer or traditional Czech Hemp Lager. What?? I didn’t try it. I did try some Absinthe though. It tasted like antifreeze (or what I imagine antifreeze to taste like). Yuk.
481 – Wenceslas square looking up towards the National Museum.
523 – O2 Arena inside at start of concert.
578 – Muse concert.
596 – Muse concert.
634 – Prague TV tower at night. Observation deck was open until 2400 said the guide book. It was closed.

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