Czech Republic Day 4 – Zizkov TV Tower Prague, Cesky Krumlov and castle

Czech Republic trip Day 4 – 23 Nov 2012 – Zizkov TV Tower Prague, Cesky Krumlov old town and castle at night (UNESCO sites).

Cesky Krumlov castle at night

821 – Cesky Krumlov castle at night

Visited Zizkov TV Tower mast and observation deck in the morning for not so good views of Prague, collect rental car, drive south to Cesky Krumlov, which sounds like something the Swedish Chef from the Muppets might make for dinner, but it’s actually a very quaint town in Southern Bohemia on the Vltava River (which runs through Prague – Smetana composed a tune about it which everyone has heard). Also called the Moldau.

Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the historical buildings and cobblestones. There are over 1,000 cobblestones for every building.

I’m sitting in a historical casino bar which is open 24 hrs and has wifi internet. My eyes will not be open another 24 seconds though … zzzzzzzz … so I’ll send some photos instead of writing more…


First 3 – the Prague TV tower in Zizkov or Zizkov TV Tower in Prague. Has a restaurant, observation deck, and statues of babies crawling up the side. Statute artist is a Czech dude called David Cerny.

Last one – the restaurant in Cesky Krumlov where I had dinner, with casino machines that look like old cash registers.
All the ones inbetween – Cesky Krumlov at night.

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