Zizkov TV Tower Prague

Zizkov TV Tower Prague (not Ziskov) or television tower, and Tower Park Prague.

Zizkov Tower crawling baby statues

647 – Zizkov Tower crawling baby statues by David Cerny


  • Located in the suburb of Zizkov, a few minutes walk from the¬†Jiriho z Podebrad metro station on the Green Line (A). Just follow your nose when you come out of the metro – it’s easy to see and find.
  • Opening hours 0800-2400 (but if you get there just before midnight you’ll be too late).
  • Tower has three levels. First level is restaurant, bistro cafe, bar, and hotel (free access to the floor but expensive food and drink). Second level is the observation deck (CZK 150 or EUR 6 for adults to get there), third level is equipment and communications, not publicly accessible.
  • There’s a five star hotel (only one room available though) on the first level. Might be an interesting place to stay. Different. But no balcony.
  • Interesting to visit for a view of Prague and to look at an ugly TV tower building and strange baby statues, but not great for photos – too far from central Prague and dirty or unclear windows. The observation tower on Petrin Hill in Petrin Park is much better for views and photos.
  • Height of the tower – 216m
  • Height of observation deck – 98m
  • Height of restaurant and cafe deck – 66m
  • The tower is on the cover of a Star Wars fiction novel.
  • Baby statues designed by David Cerny are attached to the side of the tower.
  • Second ugliest building in the world, according to a random travel website rating of 10 buildings around the world, which probably doesn’t mean much, but Zizkov TV tower advertisements in Prague use the rating in their marketing.
  • Website¬†www.towerpark.cz.


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